Driving Acquisition Growth for One of NYC’s Fastest Growing Startups

Launched in 2013, Zola is a wedding registry platform designed for the modern couple. Zola provides a new way for couples to create and customize their wedding registry for housewares, couple experiences, honeymoon funds, and cash funds.

Driving Efficiencies at Scale in a Crowded Market

Zola hired Good Apple to help accelerate their acquisition growth in a crowded wedding registry market.

Good Apple helped Zola exceed their goals through use of:
– Paid search account restructure to better manage bids and budgets and improve ad copy relevance
– Negative keyword list audit and expansion to reduce serving ads on irrelevant long-tail search queries
– A/B ad copy testing plan development and phase 1 implementation to increase net conversions/impression
– Review Extensions to differentiate from competition


Daily Registrations

After a month of optimization, saw a 30x increase in Paid Social volume and a 141% increase from Paid Search


Conversion Rate

Optimizations yielded a 12x improvement for Paid Social and 30% improvement for Paid Search


Cost Per Registration

While continuing to scale the campaigns, Paid Social CPA improved 88% and Paid Search improved 16%