Creating one of the first viral social campaigns with virtual drinks

The agency’s first project – Good Apple was tasked with driving awareness of {Starbucks} RED initiative through a 360 digital campaign.

Driving Awareness of a New Product Line

Back in 2008 when awareness of Starbucks overall as a brand was about a third of what it is today, Starbucks was trying to raise awareness of (Starbucks) RED through use of a viral campaign involving Facebook’s newly launched gifting functionality .

Good Apple increased video views, event RSVPs and social interactions with (Starbucks) RED through high-reach partners like NYTimes, Facebook, Google and YouTube.

1.2 Million

Virtual Drinks

People passed their friends over 1.2 Million Virtual Drinks, one of the earliest Facebook Gifts

2.5 Million

Branded Searches

As a result of the integrated campaign, Good Apple measured a lift in Starbucks brand searches vs baseline

320 Million

Post Views

At the time, this set the Facebook record for a viral post