Using Traditional Ad Formats to Fuel Digital Growth

MM.LaFleur and their Bento Box are taking the work out of dressing for work for the professional woman.

The brand wished to drive brand awareness and website traffic for their Bento Box clothing delivery service in New York City and Boston.

Efficient OOH Stretches Digital Dollars Even Further

In order to determine the effectiveness of OOH advertising, MM.LaFleur and Good Apple conducted a four-week-long campaign with 619 half-brand subway train ads in New York City and 65 in Boston, using OUTFRONT’s premier transit assets.

Through Good Apple Harvest™ multi-channel attribution methodology, Good Apple measured the impact of MM.LaFleur’s OOH campaign on digital activations including brand searches, site visits, and unique visitors. In Boston, branded search spiked up to 170 percent over the pre-campaign average, while New York saw up to a 140 percent lift in branded search. The increase in branded search activity occurred in each city during its respective campaign.


Cost Per Visit

The measured Cost Per Visit of the OOH buy was 30% more efficient than the digital Cost Per Visit


Brand Search Interest

Markets with OOH experienced a lift in Google-tracked brand search interest versus those with digital only tactics


Cost Per Acquisition

The measured CPA of markets with OOH showed a more efficient CPA than those without